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'RHODOS' Special Facilities

Product-presentation or lecture! But where?

You want to organize a product-presentation or lecture.
You can do this together with Rhodos Breda.
We offer you room in our restaurant, where you can keep your presentation.
After that you finish with a menu with three courses at your choice.
Discuss your wishes in time with us!

A jubilee, a family-party! How does your ideal party look like?

Together with you Rhodos Breda can compose your personal culinary arrangement.
For instance your own menu with three- or four courses.

A dinner with tradional dishes in a typical Greek ambiance will bring back the memories of a beautiful Greek summer.

Let us advice you about your personal menu.

Lamb on skewer  "Lam aan het spit"

A possibility for groups. On demand!


Rhodos in the centre of Breda!

  • Product-presentations and lectures in a cosy Greek ambiance with a menu with three courses at your choice
  • Atmosperic culinary arrangements with family and friends
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