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Bakaliarosbaked cod fillet with leaf spinach, garlic, mashed potatoes with basil and a butter lime sauce Lavrakigrilled sea bass fillet Feta Me Filofeta with honey and cinnamon baked in phillo pastry Halloumifried cheese from Cyprus prepared of cow, goat and sheep milk with baked tomatoes Saganaki Garidesfried shrimps with feta sauce Dolmadakiavine leaves stuffed with rice, minced meat and served with dill / butter-lime sauce Gemiste Piperjeswith feta cheese stuffed sweet red paprika (lukewarm) Tono Salatatuna salad served with a honey-musterd dressing Pastitsadaa dish from Corfu: mutton, peeled tomatoes and Greek spices, marinated in mavrodaphne wine and bay leaves. Served with Greek paste (kritharaki) and sheep cheese Taramasa greek speciality made of a lightly beaten roe and potatoes TzatzikiGreek yogurt with cucumber, seasoning and fresh garlic Choriatiki-Salatathe famous Greek salad
Bakaliaros1 Lavraki2 Feta Me Filo3 Halloumi4 Saganaki Garides5 Dolmadakia6 Gemiste Piperjes7 Tono Salata8 Pastitsada9 Taramas10 Tzatziki11 Choriatiki-Salata12

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